Luxury Travel Scandinavia

We at Luxury Adventures take pride in setting up luxury travel in Scandinavia. Having had the wonderful change to work with so many high end suppliers for activities and having our ultimate guides on spot along with the expert knowledge of setting up luxurious itineraries that we have makes our tailor made adventure worth while.

When you travel with us in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, the fjords or high up in Tromso you have the same person taking care of your sale from the beginning til end taking care of all bookings after final itinerary has been made and is on the call while the journey is taking place. Being your specialist means being very detailed on creating design journey that suites exactly the client‘s need.

Scandinavia is thought of being safe travel. Family holiday is therefore perfect planning with us. Both for families and adults this part of the world has great variety of activities and lots of different nature sights. We take care of finding the exact right accommodation for you and service you all inclusive tours.

All year journeys are popular in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Spitsbergen, summer trips are mainly popular in the fjords of Norway and Oslo and winter services in Tromso where you can see the northern lights. The lifestyle in Scandinavia is first class, the culture of food is high class, people are well educated and the country is premium in health care. The Nordic people love to have tourists and luxury agents, DMCs or tour operators such as we are sincere in our work.

Experience our destination with true discovery in an exotic voyage made by us. Leisure travel is both for FITs and groups in our countries and our expertise will ensure that your tour will be five star.

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