Luxury travel in Iceland, Finland, Scandinavia and Greenland

Your DMC for premium travel services

Luxury Adventures is a family-run DMC since 2003, operating expert driver/guides fluent in many different languages and variety of activities. Luxury travel means perfect accommodation paying attention to details, knowledgeable guide that you love spending time with as a family or adults, private travel made with the right tailor-made itinerary, first class vehicles, private activities that are carefully handpicked by us and recommendation for dining as a lifestyle.

Our History

We deliver detailed itinerary as well as a full breakdown of cost.  Our flexibility and quick response time ensures high quality service. Our luxury vacation is custom made after we have had as much info about the client as possible to know which categories we should use for accommodation and what type of hotel, how to match the right guide for your family or adults, if we are mainly using soft activities or not.

Our Expertise

Cities and areas that we are experts in are the island of Iceland with Reykjavik as a capital, the town of Ilullissat in Greenland, Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Levi in Finland, Tallin in Estonia, Oslo and the fjords, Tromso and Longyearbyen in Norway, Copenhagen and Stockholm. So there is a lot to choose from when it comes to Luxury Adventures and our luxury travel in Iceland, Finland, Scandinavia and Greenland.

At Your Service

We operate our own transportation fleet, luxury base camps and variety of activities. That is how we ensure the utmost flexibility in our itineraries by being both the DMC and the ground operation handler. We maintain a staff of expert driver/guides fluent in many languages.
We service both FITs, Groups and MICE. Our motto is to have groups do simular things as the FITs. Generally the groups are 15 to 30 pax in size but sometimes we have these 200 to 300 pax groups. The FIT market we have is a lot family travel. All year destinations are Iceland, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Tallin and Spitsbergen. Summer destinations are fjords of Norway and Greenland. Winter destinations are Tromso, Rovaniemi and Levi.
After all these years of working only with the high end market we have strong knowledge of how to build journeys with different budget in mind. Tailor made tours don’t need to be too expensive even not in the Nordic countries were everything is costy and they are interesting as a tailored tour. The all-inclusive trips are more loaded and are truly 5 star while the more budget minded journeys we don’t include all days with fully guided transportation.
We are mainly a DMC for agents and operators. Good and long lasting relationships through the years with many good people in the world with majority in US, South America and Europe have made our expertise in luxury travel grow year by year and the design of our trips has given many smiles through the years. Pioneering the high class service in some of the countries has been a challanging road.
Luxury holiday in Iceland

Walk on top of a glacier, go inside a volcano, experience high heat geothermal areas, see spouting Geysers and powerful waterfalls, black sandy beaches, sail in-between icebergs, ride on the Icelandic horse, have lunch inside a greenhouse, cross glacial rivers on modified SUVs or go luxury camping in a remote area.

Luxury journey in the fjords of Norway

Start up in Oslo for sightseeing and then get going into the fjords for sailing. Visit the Viking village and take a steep train journey up the mountains.

Luxury experience in Finland

Go dog sledding or ride on a reindeer sleigh in Rovaniemi or Levi.

Luxury tours from Copenhagen and Stockholm

See Hamlets Castle in Denmark or sail around the Archipelago in Stockholm.

Luxury vacation in Greenland

In addition to Iceland we offer Greenland, it‘s ideal to combine the two destinations into one journey.  Experience the Greenlandic culture in Ilullissat, see calving glaciers and sail on the ice-fjord under the midnight sun.

Being your ground handler or tour operator, we become your specialist in private and luxury travel pampering the clients resulting in a truly customized journey. Itineraries should always be with good content so the client sees his trip as his own and special holiday.

  • Private Chauffeuring Iceland
    Our luxury transportation fleet consists of luxury vehicles, off road super jeeps/SUVs, helicopters and aircrafts.
  • Helicopters in Iceland
    Luxury Adventures meets all requirements for safety, maintenance and reliability as we seek to provide cost-efficient helicopter services.
  • Luxury Travel Iceland
    Luxury Adventures is your door to the magnificent Iceland.
  • Northern lights
    We offer privately guided Northern Lights journeys.
  • Luxury Travel Scandinavia
    Luxury Adventures is the doorway to your holiday in Scandinavia.
  • Luxury Iceland
    Iceland has vast expanses of black sand beaches, 130 volcanoes, 10,000 waterfalls; geysers, 24 hours of daylight during the summer, and...
  • Luxury Travel Iceland
    We can craft an adventure that suits your taste. Contact us and we‘ll put together the perfect adventure and a price quotation.