Pure Life Experiences

PURE Life Experiences is a by invitation only travel trade show. Careful consideration and planning goes into the invitation process for the FIT specialist Private Travel Designers at PURE Life Experiences.

We wholeheartedly believe in quality over quantity and just because a Private Travel Designer is invited one year does not mean they will be invited the next. We re-asses this guest list each year to ensure it remains the best in the world for our Experience Suppliers.

Each Private Travel Designer needs to prove they have an existing client list of High Net Worth Individuals that they work with on a regular basis. The size of this file is almost irrelevant as some of the leading Private Travel Designers have the smallest client lists but their clients spend will surpass some of the bigger agencies total client spend put together!

Royalty, celebrity, entrepreneurs, bankers, investors, Fortune 500 CEO’s and Directors, FTSE 100 CEO’s and Directors, trustfund babies to name but a few, they all need to travel and in the most sophisticated manner. These travelers are not only highly intellectual and already well traveled but also very well educated as to what and where they want to travel. As a result they’re looking for the latest and most inspirational travel experiences on the market and they find these through their trusted Private Travel Designer. These are the Private Travel Designers we’re looking for and we go to great lengths to find them.

Luxury Adventures has been attending Pure Life Experiences since 2010.