Super Jeeps/SUVs

Luxury Adventures Iceland operates the super jeeps specially modified 4-wheel drive vehicles.  Nowhere but in Iceland will you find vehicles like those we use for our travels today.

Crafted for uniquely tough conditions, even a term to describe them had to be invented. “Super Jeep” is the result of decades of insular technical innovation and evolution, from tinkering with old army Jeeps to get further up hill, to our hand-built monsters equally at home crossing Antarctica, the wild Icelandic Highlands – or the highway.

Each vehicle is custom built with up to three separate transmissions, two separate steering systems, fully in-cab adjustable four corner air suspension, fully lockable differentials, up to 7.3 liter turbocharged engines, an array of radio equipment, marine-type satellite navigation…

Oh, and the biggest available legal road tires in the world.