Skaftafell national park

Is considered to be a nature pearl with rugged landscape similar to some of the Alps. Iceland largest ice cap towering over the area and some glacier tongues you can visit.

The second national park, Skaftafell, established in 1967 (400-500 square kilometers), contains some of the most precious natural pearls of the country.

The rugged landscapes, mountains and glaciers, the flora and the fauna have a magnetic influence on the visitors.

The landscape is very similar to some of the Alps, but it has been formed in thousands of years by different influences of fire (volcanic eruptions of Oraefajokull) and water (the glaciers Skeidarajokull and Skaftafellsjokull), the rivers Skeidara, Morsa und Skaftafellsa.

Volcanic eruptions under the ice-cap can give rise to glacier runs (Icelandic: jokulhlaup) which swell the Skeidara river massively.