Luxury Travel Sweden

Luxury travel in Sweden has a lot to do with the archipelago in Stockholm. In majority of our customised vacations we include private sailing in between the islands. Also of course we do the city sightseeing in the old town of the big Scandinavian city Stockholm. It‘s common to stay 2 nights in Stockholm and combine it with Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallin. Perfect tailor made travel city breaks in Scandinavia would be around 6 to 9 days.

Stockholm and Copenhagen has a lot of Viking history. Therefore we usually in our Scandinavian journeys include history. Service is also easy in Stockholm since it‘s not to big and a 4 hour city sightseeing is good average time for a private design trip.

Sometimes the fjords and Oslo are combined with either Stockholm and Copenhagen. Flights in general are good in the Nordic countries both within the countries and also internationally. Many airlines fly first class into Scandinavia. Let the local guides take care of your clients and us the DMC, ground handler and tour operator take care of the planning of a private travel that suits five star clients.

Stockholm as a destination is one of a kind because of the archipelago. Sailing the islands is unique and high class boats makes it enjoyable. Luxury Adventures services ensures pampering transportation, tailored guiding, right categories at right hotels, ultimate activities and exotic dining. Being a specialist means discover clients indulgance.

There is a good relationship between the Nordic countries and therefore clients feel simularities in our adventures in all destinations. No matter if it‘s the lava and ice in Iceland, the north polish Spitsbergen, extreme icebergs in Greenland, the winter activities in Lapland, city breaks in Scandinavia, the fjords of Norway or Santa Claus in Finland the warm service of the people in the Nordic countries feels eveywhere the same.

Stockholm – Kingdom of Crystal – Copenhagen