Luxury Travel Norway

Luxury Travel in Norway is challenging to do right. There are long fjords which means if we are not careful in making customized tours rightly set up they can be to exhausting. We dont want to much driving each day, we mix ferry rides together with the chauffeuring and see to it you get your premium vacation with different budget in mind but still making all of the itineraries interesting.

In some cases when we work with less budget we have the driver be your host while in other cases we offer you both driver and guide. Customized is still the main agenda so it doesn‘t matter how much the budget is we still make your all-inclusive journey bespoke and unique. Therefore when we combine Oslo with the fjords we recommend to fly Oslo – Bergen in all cases unless clients have extreme passion for trains.

Pioneering Norway with tailored travel is possible if you match each day with right amount of driving, activities, sights, dining and accommodation. Hotels are mainly 4 star, comfortable and clean with private bathrooms. Dining has a lot to do with raw material of fish mainly because Norway is firstly a fishing nation.

It depends on the amount of days you have how we set up the luxury travel in Norway. One combination would be only do the fjords, other would be combine Oslo with the Fjords and then another one would be Oslo, the fjords and Spitsbergen together. These would be adventures variying from 6 to 14 days. The areas mentioned and very different from each other, Oslo being the city, the fjords being the bespoken nature and Spitsbergen being the north pole experience.

2 nights in Oslo is perfect, 5 nights in the fjords would be the minimum and with Spitsbergen we would say 3 nights if possible. So it‘s important with custom travel in Norway to reserve minimum 6 days and preferably if possible try to make it closer to 10 days.

Splitzbergen winter expedition in 5 days

Follow in the footprints of the polar explorers Dr. F. Nansen and Mr. Amundsen, and join us on an overnight trip to amazing BASE-CAMP SHIP IN THE ICE – the only frozen in hotel concept of the World!

Luxury Northern Norway in 5 days

We invite you to spend unforgettable holidays in the Kingdom of Northern Lights – in Tromso area staying at beautiful Lyngen Lodge.

Northern Norway winter expedition in 5 days
Norway private travel in 9 days
Luxury Oslo & Copenhagen in 7 days
Norway luxury fjords in 7 days