Luxury Travel Danmark

Luxury travel in Denmark is mainly done in Copenhagen and the surroundings. Usually it‘s combined with further travel such as Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallin. There are no long driving distances in general, good accommodation, high end chauffeuring, personal guides, sailing activities and castles. We have guides in many languages and see to it that the lenght of sightseeing is within realistic time frames.

The size of the core city of Copenhagen is perfect making guided journeys easy. Private trips out of the city are also important to do both to see castles and Viking areas. As many know Viking history is becoming more and more known and people are often very interested to get an exclusive tour to sights that educate them more on these barberians that lived there many years ago.

Copenhagen is known to be the cosy town out of the cities in the Nordic countries. The restaurants are of many styles and the accommodation vary from being historic to design. The bar culture is pretty big so ending a good evening after dinner is going to these small bars and try different local brewed beer.

Your guide will pick clients up at the hotel in general either with a vehicle or for a guided walk. Luxury Adventures takes big pride in the selection of first class guides and as a ground handler, DMC and tour operator we know the importancy of planning the private vacation by being detailed in services. Therefore we work closely with our luxury agents getting good info on clients and the possible budget they have and since we have full breakdown of cost it‘s very easy to mix/match the journey while the agent is working with the client.

In the cases when we work directly with clients we first screen to see if us and the client are a match. Is the client looking for a customized holiday or more wanting a scheduled tour. If the client ends up wanting the custom journey we then need to know the budget to see if the Nordic countries which can be more expensive than many are used to are a match also.

Copenhagen and Oslo
Copenhagen and the Castle of North Sealand