Our luxury transportation fleet consists of luxury vehicles, off road super jeeps/SUVs, helicopters and aircrafts. Luxury Adventures is a leading executive transport company in Iceland we operate on our own cars from Lincoln Navigators L to Super Jeeps/SUVs. We specialize in providing premium transport solutions to suit your individual requirements.

Luxury Adventures employs driver/guides who speak several different languages. We can proudly that our transportation fleet is among the best that Iceland has to offer. We also have luxury SUVs, amazing glacier jeeps that take care of transportation on ground. In the air, we have top-class transport at our disposal, from private charted planes to helicopters.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and excellent customer service. Our driver/guides are fully licensed to drive private hire vehicles. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and that you arrive at your destination safely and on time. Our fleet is fully insured and fully licensed for private-hire use, fully covered with public liability insurance.

Mercedes Benz GLS

Mercedes calls the GLS the S – class among SUVs. Its three rows offer room for seven; the interior has leather, wood and options such as an air-ionization system. Each model has an all-wheel drive and a nice-speed automatic.

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Mercedes Benz V-Class L

A powerfully shaped front and developed with a passion for luxury, the V-Class offers a variable interior concept, while at the same time delivering an outstanding driving experience.

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Super Jeeps/SUVs

We operate on our own Super jeeps/SUVs on 44” tires that gives us the opportunity to see places that are hard to reach. See the landscape of the highlands of Iceland up close.

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To see Iceland from above is a privilege and the helicopter can take you to places you did not know existed. We have a wide range of helicopters at our service from 3 to 8 passengers.

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Private Aircraft

If we need to fly domestically in Iceland we have access to a private aircraft. If we want to take them on a longer journey we can fly to Greenland. We offer a wide range of private charter airplanes from 4 to 19 passengers.

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Lincoln Navigator L

We operate on our own Lincoln Navigator L, these luxury vehicles are perfect for the Icelandic roads and ensures comfort for every passenger.

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