Luxury Travel Iceland

With over 10 years of experience Luxury Adventures is your door to the magnificent Iceland, opening a new vista to many – and diverse – new experiences. We can craft an adventure that suits your taste. Contact us and we‘ll put together the perfect adventure and a price quotation.
Summer Itineraries

24 hour arctic sunlight and a 360°degree amazing view, combined with breathtaking nature is what Iceland is all about. We add the luxury factor and together we can plan the perfect summer vacation.

Winter Itineraries

Snow covered grounds with northern lights dancing above you gives you the arctic feeling you are looking for. We tailor the winter around you and your interest and show you nature at its best during winter.


Our luxury transportation fleet consists of luxury vehicles, off road super jeeps/SUVs, helicopters and aircrafts. We also employ expert driver/guides who are fluent in many languages.

Why Iceland

Why Iceland? That is a question we can answer, if you are in any doubt you can check out what Iceland has to offer here.