Luxury Travel Greenland

Luxury Travel in Greenland is exotic and can be done private both on land, in air and on sea. Custom holiday in Ilullisat has to have good itineraries. Our exclusive service in Greenland is mainly summer from June throughout August. As for food clients have the change to try very different types of food probably something they have never tried before. Personal guided services ensure ultimate trips with private guides,  icebergs adventures, flights over the ice caps and local experience.Greenland is a destination of extremes and save adventure. A trip in Ilullissat is all about the nature. Your chauffeuring will be on a boat mostly to go sailing in between the icebergs and visit remote villages. Tailored travel will therefore be with your guide out on sea or clients will view the landscape by aircraft. That‘s how an itinerary for all inclusive travel will look like a high end journey out on sea or in air.

Greenlandish people are very different from the rest of the world and the culture is very old. A voyage to a private home visiting the locals is going to be a unique journey. Let us be the experts and suggest to clients high end travel with luxurious journeys exactly with things like local home visit.

Greenland is so big but in majority it‘s covered with big ice cap leaving only a small part of it build-able on top of rocks, old ones. This is the reason why we need to travel with boats in between locations. Our exclusive tour made for luxury agents has been so interesting because the landscape in glacier land is true discovery.

It‘s extreme exploring Greenland, the largest island in the world. Transportation ways are completely different giving you the change to experience other type of living. Following are summary samples of sights and activities to choose from, according to your tastes we set up your own version of journey.

Contact us and we‘ll put together the perfect adventure and a price quotation.