Private Activities

Iceland is the land of outdoor activities. Four of the largest glaciers in Europe to snowmobile on all year round, endless black sands to bike on, whitewater rivers to raft and fly fish in, freshwater lakes to dive in, 52 golf courses to have fun on and the list could go on.

If there is something you want to take on, do not hesitate to ask. We will make it happen. Would you like to ski down an active volcano, dive between Europe and America‘s tectonic plates, go horseback riding on a black sandy beach or in exotic lava field surroundings, or go on an expedition on an ATV or Quad bike in the highlands next to glaciers and volcanoes?

Find the activity that you fancy and we will put it in your itinerary – or just take you there as the ideas emerge from your adventurous mind.

Whale watching

Whales most frequently seen in Iceland are mink whales, groups of white-beaked dolphins and porpoises.

Horseback riding

The Icelandic horses are often called ponies and have been a part of the Icelanders life since the Viking age.

Ice caves

Vatnajokull National Park is Europe´s largest national park. It is 13.600 square kilometers in size and covers over 13% of Iceland´s surface. Over half of the national park is a glacier where you can find the interrelationship between the forces of frost, fire and water.

Glacier Lagoon

Huge blocks of ice constantly break off the Breidamerkur glacier tongue and large icebergs from the glacier float on the lagoon. The lagoon is not wide but up to 248 meters deep. The glacier Breidamerkur glacier is an outlet of the Vatnajokull glacier.

Ice walk

Winter in the Icelandic mountains is a fantastic time to be among-st some of the most challenging winter conditions in Europe.

Inside the Volcano

It’s been over four decades ago since the first man set foot on the moon. But it’s only now that humans are offered the chance to see what a volcano looks like on the inside.


Completely surrounded by blue water in Iceland, you see vertical cliffs fall dramatically from the surface to the bottom of a long crevasse in front of you while diving.


Snowmobiling is full action on either glaciers or heaths all depending on weather conditions.