Nature Pearls

103.000 thousand square kilometers of pure nature and places of interest in Iceland waiting to be explored by you. Here to the left you kind find some of the most interesting places that Iceland has to offer. Have in mind that some of them are well hidden in the highlands and are not easy to access except on monster trucks. It’s said that the Icelandic landscape changes every 15 minutes so take your time and take everything in, don’t rush just be aware of the landscape and the nature around you and enjoy.

This amazing place is only reachable with super jeep that makes safaris around the world fall into shadows. We drive into rivers and in riverbeds after glacier flooding’s to witness why we call it the valley of the gods.

South shore

Icelandic version of a fantasy land where waterfalls and glaciers are everywhere and the black sandy beach is at your feet. Combine the south shore with glacier walk or snowmobiling on a glacier for the perfect day.


A trip to the Moon and Mars in the same day is possible here in Iceland. Landmannalaugar is known for the colorful mountains and vast landscape, be prepared for your camera to go nuts.


On the tip of the peninsula is the extinct volcano Sneafellsjokull the site chosen by Jules Verne for the beginning of his journey to the center of the earth. Snaefellsnes is also known for the power hike from Arnarstapi to Hellnar.

Skaftafell national park

Is considered to be a nature pearl with rugged landscape similar to some of the Alps. Iceland largest ice cap towering over the area and some glacier tongues you can visit.


Strokkur erupts every 5 minutes up to 30 meters up in the air making it the 4th largest Geyser in the world and the most active one. Geysir is a place worth visiting.


Gullfoss is often considered to be Iceland’s most beautiful waterfall. Gullfoss is not that far from Geyser area so this is a good days’ worth of sightseeing.


The lagoon has fourfold in size since the 70’s and is now Iceland’s deepest lake and oh I forgot to mention huge crystal clear icebergs floating around making this as one of Iceland’s most beautiful place.


Myvatn is known for its mud pools and craters, and is one of the most popular places in the northern Iceland to visit.

Northern lights

During winter the northern lights dance above us from early September to late April. In northern latitudes, the effect is also known as the aurora borealis.


Thingvellir is were the Vikings established the first Parliament and now the oldest still working Parliament in the world. Today Thingvellir is a national park and also the only place in the world where you can stand on the American tectonic plate overviewing the Eurasian plate.

Highlands & glaciers

I do not have enough space here to speak about our highlands and glaciers but mark my words when I say you will drop your jaw and get lost in your own world when you see what Iceland has to offer.


Eyjafjallajokull is known for having an unpronounceable name and for the eruption in 2010 closing down Europe for a week or so. This “baby” volcano spout 500 tons a second of ash and got the attention of the world.

Thrihnjukagigur Volcano

From 2013 more people have gone to space then into that volcano. For real explorers this has to be on the itinerary. You will descend 400 ft. down into a magma chamber and explore the volcano from the inside.