Luxury Iceland

Luxury and Iceland mix together. Iceland has vast expanses of black sand beaches, 130 volcanoes, 10,000 waterfalls; geysers, 24 hours of daylight during the summer, and highlands affording 360° panoramic vistas of the island’s sublime landscape – it seems to go on forever. You spend the day on your private travel being pampered by Icelandic nature with your guide in your luxury vehicle after a good night sleep at the boutique hotels.

Customized journeys in Iceland are important because there are so many hidden places on this island that you would miss if not guided by your guide. Having us the DMC or tour operator set the trip together is important since we know how to not spend to much time in the car each day, find you appropriate luxurious accommodation, operate the perfect activities for you such as the ice walk on the glacier, find horseback riding out of the route and work with the best boats for private whale watching.

For those who will try the Luxury Adventures Base Camp you feel the personal and high end style to it but at the same time are in the middle nowhere out of all common routes. Your chef prepared gourmet dinner with local ingredient and possibly the northern lights are dancing above the camp since there is no light pollution. Exclusive luxury vacation is what this camp is.

Tailor made travel in Iceland is also important because weather can change so rapidly in Iceland and then you have guides who can mix match your journey all depending on getting the most out of each private activity you do. Therefore Luxury Adventures can be your DMC, luxury agent or tour operator all depending on where you are from the meaning you put into the words.

Nature Pearls

Here we have handpicked unique locations that are already in the sample itineraries but more detailed education for you.

Luxury Accommodation

We use the best 4 star hotels Iceland has to offer, from design and art deco to more family oriented accommodation.

Private Activities

Iceland is a land of activities. All of them you have in the sample itineraries but here you can understand them better.