Kulusuk - Ammassalik

Day 1


Kulusuk- Ammassalik.

We take off from Reykjavik Airport for a two hour flight to Kulusuk. Once there, you will be taken on a 10-minute helicopter-ride to Ammassalik, with a panoramic view over the fjords and icebergs. You will then be transported to Hotel Ammassalik, situated on a hill with a great view of the village, where you can relax and have dinner. Accommodation at Hotel Ammassalik.

Day 2

Open day in Ammassalik.

Ammassalik offers a variety of guided excursions, which include transportation on foot, by boat or by helicopter. Optional tours in Ammassalik can be booked locally at the hotel.

Day 3

Kulusuk & departure.

In the morning you will take a helicopter-ride back to Kulusuk, in time for your afternoon flight back to Reykjavik at 13:00. You might want to take a stroll to the village of Kulusuk (about 40 min walk) and explore the village before heading back to the airport. On our return flight to Reykjavik we enjoy a spectacular view over Ammassalik village and surrounding area. Its scenery, with huge glaciers and floating icebergs, is simply magnificent.


Enjoy three days exploring beautiful East Greenland. The highlights of this tour include helicopter rides with majestic views over granite mountains, glaciers and icebergs, and a stay in the village of Ammassalik – which many is consider one of Greenland’s most scenic villages. Many exciting excursions are available locally, such as iceberg cruises, guided walks and helicopter rides. Ammassalik, known to local residents as Tasiilaq, is a village of about 1,400 residents, making it the largest village in East Greenland. Ammassalik is only a 10-minute helicopter ride from Kulusuk, but this short flight is one of the most spectacular expeditions imaginable, as you cross the ice-filled sea separating these two mountainous islands. The town of Ammassalik lies just south of the Arctic Circle and boasts long hours of daylight in the summer. Kulusuk island is situated west of the entrance to the stunning Ammassalik fjord. In the area around the fjord is the main settlement of the Ammassalik Inuit, who were unknown to the rest of the world until 1884. Now more than 2,000 Greenlanders live in the Ammassalik district, earning their living by fishing and seal hunting.