Day 1

Arrival Ilulissat by plane. (JAV)

Ilulissat. Ilulissat is breathtaking – all year round, huge icebergs rising more than a hundred meters above sea level are stranded at the mouth of the fjord. These icebergs are products of the mightiest, most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere: the Ilulissat Glacier gives birth to 20 million tons of ice daily, which explains why it is included on the World Heritage list. Transfer to Hotel Arctic, where you are welcomed at an information meeting. Hotel Arctic is blessed with a sublime location, and his complemented by the best of modern facilities. Nevertheless, the human factor is a vital priority. If the buildings and the technology do their job, it is the extra efforts put forth by the personnel that make your experience into something even more enjoyable.

During a walk through the town, the guide tells us about the history of Ilulissat. We visit the old part of town, and see buildings from the very start of the Danish trading station, the busy fishing harbor, the old church and the museum. The city walk is followed by an Ice Fjord cruise which includes refreshments. The Ice Fjord contains one of the biggest and most active glaciers in the world. Its 3,000 km2 area advances at a rate of 20 meters per day. The glacier “calves” about 10% of the inland ice pressed out into the sea from Greenland – nothing else in the world resembles it. The Ice Fjord off Ilulissat is like a park full of sculptures constantly changing. Shapes, colors and sounds from the mountains of ice are hard to forget – you are an eyewitness to a totally enchanting natural phenomenon.

Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast at the hotel. Now it’s time to put on polar suits for the dog sled ride with a local hunter to the hunters’ settlement Rodebay. Packed lunch en route. Experience the magnificence of nature and witness the cooperation between the sled driver and the dog team. Do not miss this great experience! The dog sled driver and his dogs take you across the thick ice on the way to Rodebay, letting you experience the true Greenland. Overnight at an expedition camp on the Icecap, provisional on the guide’s advice. Once arrived in Rodebay, dine at the little local restaurant and overnight in a simple hut or in an expedition camp. Bring all the extra polar coats and polar sleeping bags advised by your Icelandic guide. Northern lights illuminate the night skies, making Rodebay a favorite location in the summer as well as winter. With around 300 days a year under cloudless skies, Greenland is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights.

Day 3

Breakfast in Rodebay before we drive back to Ilulissat – late lunch at the hotel after check-in. Afternoon home visit to a local family for coffee, tea and cakes to hear the latest gossip on life in town. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 4

Breakfast at the Hotel Arctic. Hotel Arctic is rated four stars – for the hotel facilities as well as the conference facilities – by the Danish association of hotels and restaurants. The rating reflects the high standard of facilities and services . . . . but not our unique location. Please add 900 icebergs! We’re awarded the Danish Green Key – a Danish certification program of eco-sustainable tourism – as recognition of the environmentally friendly policies and practices of Hotel Arctic. Transfer to airport for departure by plane to Iceland.