Customized Itineraries for Greenland

With over 10 years of experience Luxury Adventures is your Greenland handler. Our expertise makes traveling a pleasure.

It‘s extreme exploring Greenland, the largest island in the world. Transportation ways are completely different giving you the change to experience other type of living. Following are summary samples of sights and activities to choose from, according to your tastes we set up your own version of journey.

Contact us and we‘ll put together the perfect adventure and a price quotation.


Ilulissat Day 1. Arrival Ilulissat by plane. (JAV) Ilulissat. Ilulissat is breathtaking – all year round, huge icebergs rising more than a hundred meters above sea level are stranded at the mouth of the fjord. These icebergs are products of the mightiest, most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere: the Ilulissat Glacier gives birth to…

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Kulusuk – Ammassalik

Kulusuk – Ammassalik Day 1. Arrival. Kulusuk- Ammassalik. We take off from Reykjavik Airport for a two hour flight to Kulusuk. Once there, you will be taken on a 10-minute helicopter-ride to Ammassalik, with a panoramic view over the fjords and icebergs. You will then be transported to Hotel Ammassalik, situated on a hill with…

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