Expedition travel in 5 days

Your stopover in Iceland may well be the best part of your journey. Acquaint yourself with much of the best that Iceland has to offer, accompanied by a personal chef and private masseur/masseuse who await your pleasure. Your every need is anticipated by your hosts. Enjoy the jewels of nature while relishing the best service available anywhere.

Day 1

Your visit to Iceland begins with a private visit to Iceland’s most popular attraction, the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy a relaxing dip in this geothermal hot spring, a spa renowned not only for its profound comfort and beautiful architecture, but also for the healing properties of its water. Follow this with a delightful surprise lunch in the Icelandic countryside. Then take in Iceland’s most popular natural attractions, the magnificent waterfall Gullfoss (“Golden Falls”) and the Geyser geothermal area with its erupting hot springs. Finally, “get away from it all” at a lodge or a mountain resort. Your stay features gourmet meals, followed by cigars and coffee and cognac, and of course a relaxing massage in your hot tub.

Day 2

Experience Iceland’s extremes straight away, with a jaunt to Iceland’s spectacular interior highlands. After having a delicious lunch on the way, visit Jokulheimar on the edge of Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier. Spend the day in extreme pursuits such as inner-tubing or skiing, ending in a gourmet dinner and massage in a glacial retreat.

Day 3

Glacier day. Spend the first part of your day in recreation extreme or relaxing: inner-tubing, skiing, golf – the choice is yours. After a gourmet lunch, venture onto the middle of the glacier itself and see the ultimate extremes of fire and ice! Weather permitting, witness the majesty of one of the earth’s hottest sites in the middle of the glacial ice of millennia: Grimsfjall, Iceland’s most active volcanic site. There have been more eruptions here than anywhere else in Iceland in the past 1100 years. Next comes perhaps the most magnificent experience of a lifetime. Take in the pleasure of a massage in a naturally-made steam-bath, at the hottest point on earth on the largest glacier in Europe, while the Northern Lights shine overhead. Sleep deeply in the glacial retreat after a gourmet dinner, content with the world.

Day 4

The following day we leave the glacier behind us as we visit various sites of interest on our way back. A delicious lunch is of course on the day’s agenda, exploring and getting acquainted with the local people. The day ends with a hot tub massage at a lodge or mountain resort with gourmet meal, cigars with coffee and cognac afterwards.

Day 5

Spend the day visiting Haifoss, Iceland’s second-highest waterfall; and the fascinating Thjodveldisbaer archaeological site. There is, of course, a delicious lunch on the way, and the day ends with your check-in at the airport.