Why Iceland

I am 100% purebred Icelandic Viking – and I think Iceland is the top of the world. We live near 66° N, the Arctic Circle, on an island between North America and Europe. We are proud of our country, our culture and our history, and want to show visitors the beauty our island has to offer. It is said that the Vikings were great explorers and – more importantly – great hosts: as the 1000-year-old quote from The Sayings of the Vikings suggests, “A guest needs to be given water, fine towels and friendliness. A cheerful word, a chance to speak kindness and concern.”

Iceland has vast expanses of black sand beaches, 130 volcanoes, 10,000 waterfalls; geysers, 24 hours of daylight during the summer, and highlands affording 360° panoramic vistas of the island’s sublime landscape – it seems to go on forever. Your experience in Iceland offers sensations found nowhere else in the world. Iceland will take you by surprise – I’ve witnessed visitors arriving here without expectations, and seen their eyes light up as they experience something they had never seen or done before.

On one occasion, a family dined atop a glacier, seated at a table we had carved out of ice – the sun was setting, causing the entire ice cap to glow red. The father stood up and said, “Remember this, remember this always. No matter what happens, I am the happiest father in the world today.”

We want to help create memories – this island is our partner that’s what Luxury Adventures is all about.

Nature Pearls

Here we have handpicked unique locations that are already in the sample itineraries but more detailed education for you.

Luxury Acommodation

We use the best 4 star hotels Iceland has to offer, from design and art deco to more family oriented accommodation.


Iceland is a land of activities. All of them you have in the sample itineraries but here you can understand them better.